The Rise From COVID

The Rise From COVID 19


The last few months have been challenging for everyone. The global pandemic has shut down economies, isolated us, changed the way we work, and how we live overall. This is our new norm and how long the effects will last is unknown. 

In terms of flattening the curve and reducing spread, we know 3 key things. 

  • Rapid Testing Availability: (In the short term) The ability to quickly identify and test those who could be infected or have been in close proximity to those infected and isolate them safely at home.
  • Vaccination & Immunization (Long term) Second, we need to continue studying the virus and continue our collaborative efforts on producing a safe, effective, and ethical vaccine.
  • Global Cooperation: (Short & long term) Last, we all need to take this seriously and cooperate to get this under control. It has been proven that social distancing efforts and reducing travel are the most effective measures to reduce the spread.

What this means for business and the economy.

Our economy cannot afford to stay on hold indefinitely. Economic growth is stimulated through viable business communities exchanging products and services for money. In order to get the economy moving forward, we all need to be thinking about the future and making creative decisions to continue the work that we can, while still abiding by the recommendations to continue to flatten the curve.

While a fast intervention and shut down was necessary, now we need to shift our focus from being reactive to being proactive in terms of the following:

  • Retention: Retaining employment is important to both the business and employees. Keeping your people and company moving in a safe way can be the first priority. Designing creative ways to keep employees on payroll, whether it is part-time, or work from home or rotation scheduling are options to consider.
  • Operations: While operations may not be able to go back to normal, agility becomes the key to the solutions. Creating a flexible workforce and embracing the work from home lifestyle allows us to work and social distance. Developing new ways to present your offering whether it is food, clothing, or other services will require unique strategies to overcome the barriers all businesses are currently experiencing. 
  • Risk: Finally, for those who are unable to work from home or need to go into workplaces, leaders need to continuously assess the risks and adjust mitigation strategies accordingly and frequently. Involve your staff, bring them into your world of running the business and allow them to help chart the path. 

Although every moving aspect of your business is affected during this time, it is important to try to stay focused on getting through one week at a time. Focus on the imminent details, ensure you are aligning your employees correctly regarding benefits, paid time off, sick time and attendance measures. Keep open lines of communication with everyone in the company. 

Now is a great time to think differently, pivot your business, attract new customers, build on relationships to strengthen your company and align with others who can support your efforts during this time. We are a country that rises to the challenge. A country that has been built on dreams and determination. We are in this together and together we can and will rise.


About The Author: Matthis Gurney is a managing partner and CEO of Elite Holding Co. and has more than 15 years of executive experience leading business growth initiatives cross-functionally in all areas of organizations. 

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