TCR Testimonial

TCR Testimonial

TCR Testimonial

The decision to use a consultant, many times begins with a hesitant discussion amongst colleagues and friends. I’m no different. I had a problem with changing the direction of my newly acquired company, and I was not sure how to get that accomplished or even where to begin.

One day, after a conversation with my attorney, he mentioned a firm that could potentially help me identify where our gaps were and help us close those gaps with a balanced look at both short-term, and long-term objectives. I was introduced to Elite Holding Co. the next day.

In my first conversation with Victoria Manuel, she let me ramble on and on about what I thought we needed, where I thought we were going, and potentially how we were going to get there. She said, let’s take a deeper look at the facts and let that drive the direction.  

Several days later, it was crystal clear the Elite Holding Co. team understood the numbers well, and were able to identify opportunities that would help us move forward. Their expertise in manufacturing, finance, marketing, and strategy deployment enabled us to develop a go forward plan with the proper level of expectations for a company our size.  

Then, when Covid-19 hit, our revenue started to dwindle. However, Elite Holding Co. didn’t skip a beat and helped us change gears to the immediate objectives. The willingness of their team to jump into the battle was amazing.  They helped us look at things from a different perspective, which helped us see various new opportunities for growth.

Without Elite Holding Co. I’m not sure we stood a chance. With them, I was empowered to accomplish my initiatives. I would not hesitate to recommend the Elite Holding Co. to others. 

Tom Frister 

Owner,  TCR

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