About Us

Making Good Companies Great

About Us

At Elite Holding Co. we want to change the perception of management consulting, by measurably demonstrating how the right consultants help accelerate and enhance the existing vision of a company.  From planning and scalability to technology automation and, process improvement, our mission is to be your first choice for consulting services.

Our Mission


We are entrepreneurs first, and consultants second. Our background includes startups, innovation, and problem-solving to the highest degree.  We enjoy it, and we thrive on it.  Our goal is to be the entrepreneurial counterparts that work with you, rather than preach theory across from you.

Every consultant in our organization embodies these principles, as these core beliefs that serve as the pillars on which we have built the EHC Brand. We place trust and integrity as our highest priority and are committed to changing the perception of management consulting through our actions. Schedule a call today!