10 Free Must Know Business Tools

In this article, I am giving away my list of the top ten most valuable and free tools available to startups and small business that will help you grow your business. Because, well everyone loves FREE!

CrowdFire is an awesome app that will help you manage and grow and your brand presence on Twitter. The app is basically an AI (artificial intelligence) bot that gives you a set of daily things to do such as stories to post, posts to like, who to follow, and who to unfollow. Crowdfire also sends out a weekly summary letting you know how well your Twitter engagement was that week. www.crowdfireapp.com

Calendly is by far the best free calendar application out there. Not only does it work with several email clients it also pretty much automates the entire scheduling process for any small business. The free version is slightly limited but if fully operational in almost every capacity. www.calendly.com

HARO also known as Help A Reporter Out is an email service that journalists use the find sources for up and coming publications. Once you sign up you will receive a master list three times a day with several queries in multiple categories such as business, finance, technology, and more. All you have to do is reply and you can get published by accredited journalists all for free. www.helpareporter.com

HootSuite is a wonderful social media management and automation tool that allows you to schedule and post to multiple social media platforms and accounts in one place. The amount of value packed in the free version is insane. If you aren’t already using Hootsuite go sign up. www.hootsuite.com

Hubspot is a completely free CRM (customer relationship management) system that is perfect for every small business. It has customizable fields and tons of integrations making it a top choice for small business CRM’s regardless if you’re a one-man shop or a $10mm small business. www.app.hubspot.com

MailChimp is an amazing email marketing automation tool for sending out newsletters and for building marketing lists. It comes with free templates, it allows for custom HTML, and is super easy with its drag and drop style builder. MailChimp definitely is the best free email automation. www.mailchimp.com

Powtoon is a great tool for making custom explainer and whiteboard videos. The free version gives you a decent amount of objects to make a compelling video and its drag and drop format makes making and publishing your videos easy. In my opinion, Powtoon has really outdone themselves. www.powtoon.com

Uberconference is the perfect place for every phone meeting with easy scheduling and quality. The free version has little limitation and the after call summary is really helpful by providing call data such as length of the call, caller information, and how long each person talked. www.uberconference.com

Venngage is a free infographic maker that has a ton of free template or the option to build your own. The free version allows you to share your creations on different social media sites. You aren’t able to download your infographic (unless you snip and paste it together). www.venngage.com

Google Voice is an awesome free business phone system that lets you pick your own number or migrate an old one. The system also provides free texting, voicemail, call forwarding, and a ton of custom settings. By far the best choice for any small business to always be on. www.voice.google.com

About the author: Matthis Gurney

Matthis Gurney is the President & CEO of Elite Holding Co.