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Management Consulting Services

Helping Entrepreneurs, CEO's, & Investors Build Better Businesses.


We help organizations identify their next step and give management the needed guidance and confidence to move their business forward. We identify past, present, and future trends to determine next steps by helping design organizational structures that support change performance, and innovation. Our practical experience of real-world implementation allows us to be valuable in strategic and tactical decision making.

Organizational Strategy

We help organizations identify their next steps and give management the confidence to move their business forward.

Executive Coaching

We provide executives a supportive environment where they can explore issues and speak freely about the challenges they face.

Exit Planning

Succession and exit planning is inevitable for every business owner. Our experts make this hectic process with our simplified approach.


Successful project management starts with the right strategy and the right people. Our consultants make that happen on time, and on budget. Companies invest billions of dollars in projects every year that are outside their scope of expertise. When faced with these challenges, it makes sense to bring in skilled project management team such as Elite Holding Co. to deliver on time, at budget, and within scope; while also reducing costs.

Process Improvement

Your operational processes drive profit to your bottom line. It's critical for companies to continuously refine and improve in order to remain competitive.

Change Management

Companies that are underperforming or facing new challenges require change management. Our experts are ready to help you move forward.

Business Technology

We help companies implement technologies that increase performance and automate processes to increase overall productivity and profits.


Capital needs are a never-ending conversation. From raising capital to strategic refinancing our experts have the needed resources. Elite Holding Co. unlocks the needed bandwidth for management in areas such as capital facilitation, strategic refinancing, and mergers & acquisitions. We package your business in a way that is presentable to our network of investors.

Venture Planning

Venture planning is critical in being able to acquire an investment. We help companies handle all the prerequisites in raising capital.

Capital Acquisition

Raising capital is a time-consuming. We assist select clients in raising funds through making quality introductions to our vetted and qualified investors.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Selling your business or merging with another comes with many hurdles. Our expert M&A consultants are here to help you through the process.


Service offerings available through our affiliate partners.


From designing sales processes to sales training and building sales teams our experts are here to help with all your sales needs.


Whether you're launching a new product or looking to acquire more customers our marketing experts are here to help.

Dev Ops

From websites to custom applications we work with a variety of on and off-shore developers and IoT experts to bring innovative technologies to life.

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