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Business Viability

The most successful companies constantly monitor their business for the internal and external impacts that will either positively or negatively impact their ability to grow. It's more than a ‘good idea’ that gets taken to market.

Sales & Marketing

When sales and marketing are not aligned, the business will likely miss its growth targets. This is a top reason why annual revenue stagnates or even declines.

Operations & Proccess

Operational processes make up the foundation for every company. They can either be bottlenecks that prohibit growth, or assets that enable growth. How are processes contributing to your business?

Technology & Systems

Creating a cadence for technology and systems analysis can ensure a company continues to accelerate without risk. The cost of technology or system failures can be crippling.

Finance & Funding

Sound financial planning and analysis are critical to any company’s success. Both top and bottom line growth are essential for building sustainability. How is cash driving your business?

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation can be defined as taking steps to reduce potential adverse effects or the likelihood of them occurring. When thinking about risk in your business, it’s important to develop a strategy that ensures your company's ongoing viability.

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Nearly 100 years of combined experience.

Experts In Scale

We specialize in sustainable organisational scale.

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Cross functional expertise across multiple verticals.

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Leading small and medium sized businesses to scale.

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Month to month agreements with no cancellation fees.

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We're focused on providing value through results.

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We work between management consulting & venture capital.

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We know it means more coming from someone else. Here's what our clients are saying.

"Without Elite Holding Co. I’m not sure we stood a chance. With them, I was empowered to accomplish my initiatives. I would not hesitate to recommend the Elite Holding Co. to others. "

-TCR Engineered Components

"Elite Holding Co. is one of the best strategy firms that I know. Their ability to cut through problems with a viable solution is second to none."


"Elite Holding Co. has been invaluable in both our strategy for growth and closing capital. I would highly recommend them."


"Elite Holding Co. was very helpful in advising on the financial and tax implications of recent investments and equity buybacks."


"I would highly recommend Elite Holding Co. as they were able to tackle any task at hand and always willing to step up and get things done."


"Elite Holding Co. has been our compass in guiding our growth over the past year and in helping prepare us for investment."


"Elite Holding Co. sits on our board of advisors. When it comes to strategy and scale Elite holding Co. makes it happen."


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    We are passionate people determined to deliver excellence in everything we do. Led by Matthis Schultz, Victoria Manuel, and Gautam Pulla, Elite Holding Co. is a uniquely positioned management consulting firm specializing in scale to strengthen businesses.

    It’s our mission to work as trusted partners with management teams, business owners, and investors to drive sustainable growth and build shared long-term value. working together with leadership as a strategic resource, Elite Holding Co. provides experienced support and objective guidance to drive high-impact business initiatives.