Our Expertise

Experts in scaling companies from startup to succession.

Business Model Viability

The most successful companies constantly monitor their business for all internal and external impacts that will either positively or negatively impact their ability to grow. It's more than a ‘good idea’ that gets taken to market.

Operations & Process

Operational processes are the foundation for any company, and they can either become bottlenecks that prohibit growth, or enablers that catapult growth.  What path is your company headed on?

Sales & Marketing Design

When sales and marketing are not aligned, the business will likely miss its growth target due to the misalignment between sales and marketing. This tends to be the number one reason why annual revenue stagnates or worse declines.

Client Retention & Loyalty

The cost of acquiring new customers is five times greater than keeping your current clients. Do you know why your customers keep coming back? It’s imperative you do, or they might not tomorrow. 

Technology & Automation

Creating a cadence for technology and systems analysis can ensure a company continues to accelerate without risk. The cost of technology or system failures can be crippling.

Financials & Funding

Sound financial planning and having a clear understanding of how your cash is driving your business is critical to any company’s success. Both top and bottom-line growth are essential for building a sustainable organization.

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Our Proven Process


The initial process of discovery allows EHC to understand all areas of the business. This is the beginning of our holistic approach.


We take the discovery information and engineer a detailed assessment with specifics regarding all areas of the business.


We promise not to leave you hanging. We engage with your leadership & implementation teams to ensure they can begin to drive scalable results rapidly.

We’re Ready. Are You?

The best time to start was yesterday. The best time for change is today.

Our Mission

The mission of Elite Holding Co is to provide executive advisory and management consulting services, utilizing our holistic approach and expertise, to drive scalability and ensure sustainability for C-level executives, investors, and their respective organizations.

What They're Saying

Don't just listen to us, we know it means more coming from somebody else.


“EHC sits on our board of advisors. When it comes to strategy and scale Elite Holding Co. knows how to make things happen.”

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“Elite Holding Co. has been invaluable in both our strategy for growth, scaling, and closing capital. These guys know their stuff!”


“EHC is one of the best strategy firms that I know. Their ability to cut through problems with a viable solution is second to none!”


“I would recommend Elite Holding Co. as they were able to tackle any task at hand and always willing to step up and get things done.”


“EHC has been our compass in guiding our growth over the past year in helping prepare us for investment.”


“Elite Holding Co. was very helpful in advising on the financial and tax implications of recent investments and equity buybacks.”

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