10 Free Must Know Business Tools

In this article, I am giving away my list of the top ten most valuable and free tools available to startups and small business that will help you grow your business. Because, well everyone loves FREE! CrowdFire is an awesome app that will help you manage and grow and your brand presence on Twitter. The […]

Measuring Continuous Improvement

Accurately measuring a company's performance and progress for continuous improvement is no easy task and understanding that data and how to use it can be even more difficult. In this article, I want to cover what continuous improvement is, how to implement key performance indicators (KPI’s) as well as how to measure that data in […]

Micro-Battle Missions and Why They Matter

Micro-Battle Missions and Why They Matter We described in earlier blog posts the Micro-Battles System and the skills and behaviors needed to run the system. Now we are writing a series of posts on hot topics—this one on the micro-battle mission. Here’s what to consider. The micro-battle mission is a one-pager that lives throughout the […]