Cryptic Startup Terms

The startup world throws around a lot of jargon. Some of it is fluff, some of it is important. Rather than pretend like you know what people are talking about, I’ve found it’s good to make sure I actually understand the terminology. So, here’s a few essential startup terms you should know. KPI Stands for Key […]

5 Things I Need To See Before Making A VC Investment: Alexander Niehenke, Partner at Scale Venture Partners

“Venture is very much about first and second derivatives, not absolutes. As an investor, growth trumps everything, so it is critical to identify the metric of value creation and then measure traction.” I had the pleasure to interview Alexander Niehenke. Alexander is a Partner at Scale Venture Partners, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm focused […]

Startup Rule#1: Nobody Cares

There is a lot of positive energy, excitement and hoopla that surrounds new entrepreneurs and startups who have a vision of how to change the world according to their own point of view. Trouble is, nobody cares. Not really. Sure, your parents may care. Your spouse may care. Your startup investors may even care — a little […]

10 Free Must Know Business Tools

In this article, I am giving away my list of the top ten most valuable and free tools available to startups and small business that will help you grow your business. Because, well everyone loves FREE! CrowdFire is an awesome app that will help you manage and grow and your brand presence on Twitter. The […]